Direct Mail


Is it best to process your mailing manually or can it be done mechanically?
Direkt Mail Service Buro works with high-quality envelope filling machines which can process all formats. Furthermore, our machines are also equipped with a camera reading system for mechanical name-on-name checking and selective inserting.

Foil wrapping

The so-called film wrapping of magazines, catalogues and brochures is right up our street. We have several high-quality poly-wrapping machines that make it all happen. Wrapping in biofilm is also possible of course.

Shrink wrapping

We suggest that you use shrink-wrapping for the bundling of flyers, manuals, promotional packages, etc: after applying the wrap, the product goes through an oven, which makes the wrap shrink so that the package becomes a compact unit.

Divers manual

You can also rely on us for all kinds of manual jobs like putting together promo boxes, gift packages, displays and much more.

We take care of all your mailings fast, efficient and reliable.